The Serrano Journal

Your Guide to Forest Bathing

05 May 2019

A weekend at Serrano Nature A weekend at Serrano Nature Resort isn’t just one about being in the midst of nature and adventure. It’s about feeling fantastic about yourself. And this feeling is best experienced when you do ‘Forest Bathing’. Here’s the step by step guide to help you relax, reset and practice mindfulness in the great outdoors.

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Urban forest. A natural solution to climate change

06 June 2019

Forests and Climate Change are Forests and Climate Change are intimately intertwined. Forests have regulated the climate, rain, groundwater, soil of the earth over millennia. Their transpiration act as a regulator of the balance of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide: the world’s forests and forest soils currently store more than one trillion tons of carbon – twice the amount found floating free in the atmosphere.

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Our fight for climate change at Serrano

10 June 2019

Our work at Serrano Nature Resort is a blend of small measures and activities to restore parts of the forest area, or enhance conditions. As climate change affects the environment, and land becomes a dwindling resource, our natural habitats are vanishing. It’s our job to protect what we can, and nature reserves and protected areas, like Serrano Nature Resort, are a good start in doing this.

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