Our fight for climate change at Serrano

Our work at Serrano Nature Resort is a blend of small measures and activities to restore parts of the forest area, or enhance conditions. As climate change affects the environment, and land becomes a dwindling resource, our natural habitats are vanishing. It’s our job to protect what we can, and nature reserves and protected areas, like Serrano Nature Resort, are a good start in doing this.

We’ve planted over 20,000 trees as part of the Tree Plantation drive way back in 2017. And we continue to keep adding more. There are natural culverts that we’ve built at Serrano Nature Resort to channelize the rain water to give you a waterfall feature with steps during the monsoon.

Besides, there’s also a water reservoir with a capacity to store rainwater up to 50 lakh litres that we are building here that we’ve built here. The water reservoir will help attract lots of migratory birds and encourage high levels of bio diversity in this area.

There’s more at Serrano Nature Resort than just being in nature. If you take your great outdoors with a dash of adrenalin, then we’ve got your bucket list sorted. There are a lot of adventure activities and other indoor games for you to explore and try out. And if you are in the mood to do an overnight stay with your friends and family here, we’ve got your back. There are nice cozy stay packages for you to choose from.

Published by Team Serrano

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